Abandoned Books joins the Blogging World!

We Greet You Warmly

We Greet You Warmly

Finally, I’m joining the ranks of bloggers and am looking forward to adding something to the fantastic information being shared on the web about books, authors and book collecting.  Along the way, I’ll be learning how to use the blog effectively and try to make it look interesting and easy for our readers to get around. 

Abandoned Books is a web bookshop that caters to readers and collectors around the world. I began in 2001, in South Florida and have now found a home in lovely Tennessee. Every day I am grateful to be able to do what I am doing — to live, breathe, work, play and sleep with books. Everyone should be so lucky!

Today, there’s about 15,000 books stacked neatly on the shelves. Many are Modern First Editions, some are classic works of literature that are difficult to find and some are common titles that are quite easy to find.  There are signed copies, copies with special points, slipcased, numbered, limited and incredibly beautiful illustrated editions. Each of these books has been chosen and described carefully for our customers who hail from every corner of the planet.

My partner in work and life is a rather handsome bibliophile by the name of Andy. He’s knows all about books, knows enough about computers to keep us running smoothly and knows just about everything there is to know about Bob Dylan. He’ll probably be blogging here now and then too, so be on the lookout! Between the two of us, we manage to get everything accomplished each day and still find time for reading some of the stacks of books we each tend to pile up on the sides of our desks at the office, and next to the sofa at home.  When we aren’t reading, we are playing with our two constant companions (pups), Kela and Rudy (who probably won’t be blogging here…).

You can search or browse our books by clicking here on our bookshelves  . 

We look forward to seeing a lot of our existing customers here over the next year and hopefully, we’ll have the chance to meet some new ones!

Books are one of the best parts of life!



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