The Perfect Reading Chair?

Book Chaise

Book Chaise

If you are searching for the perfect reading chair, this might just be the one for you!  The Biblio Chaise is book furniture at it’s best.  You can stay all day without running out of reading material because it holds fifteen linear feet of books, give or take a little, depending on how you shelve them. There’s even a matching ottoman.  I’m not sure how comfortable it would be for hours on end, but it would certainly do for an hour or two! You can choose your colors, fabrics and even your woods.

I’m totally nuts about all things books — furniture, displays, sculpture, even houses made from books.  Unique and unusual bookshelves are a favorite eye-candy for me, like these incredible futuristic shelves in Brazil. The total design of the room is posted at the bottom of the page which shows that the entire home centers around the wrap-around shelving unit. Wow!


If you have discovered something special made from books or related to books, I’d love to hear about it. Send me a link.

Books are one of the three best things in life,



4 Responses to The Perfect Reading Chair?

  1. pamelaw53 says:

    Interesting and I do love books, but I wonder how comfortable it really is.

  2. vallain says:

    I’m not sure about the look of the chair. I did love the futuristic bookshelving.
    Wouldn’t it be great to have one of those hidden doors where a bookshelf swings open and you walk through. Whoopi Goldberg had one in her house. The whole wall was filled with bookshelves and the door was hidden. Nifty.

  3. abandonedbooks says:

    Vallain –
    Thanks for stopping by. You’ve inspired me to seek out the hidden door bookshelves. Wow! I’m going to do a post on these in December, so keep an eye out. However, I couldn’t find Whoopi’s bookcase, which was the original subject of my search. Do you remember where you saw it?

    Pamelaw53 –
    Yeah, I think the Barnes and Noble type chairs are still the comfy ones…probably have to have a long sit in this one to really give it a test drive.

  4. Jim says:

    I have a question — I guess people request this from time to time — but does anyone know how to obtain/purchase a Barnes & Nobles Reading chair ? Thanks.


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