COOL Bookends

Ever notice that COOL bookends — really great bookends — seem almost impossible to find?  Or is it just when I go looking for a great set that they become suddenly scarce?  Here’s some cool bookends I found while browsing around the web. Just in time for holiday gift giving! If you’re not buying books, you should be buying bookends!

bookends-boyandgirl1Here’s a great pair for a child’s bookshelf. This site has lots of themed sets, depending on what strikes  your fancy.



bookends-fishbowl2Here’s a really cool pair of Fish Bowl bookends. These feel very Zen to me, but PLEASE be kind to fish and use these for lovely green plants instead!




t_9491Great bookends for the golfer in  your life! There’s a lot of different golf themed sets out there, but this set has the feel of quality about them. 




3301061Music Lovers have their own bookends, too. Especially for holding music books or sheet music.





amb0181Pretty cool bicycle bookends. Bookends for most sports enthusiasts are out there if you spend time looking for them.  Everything from Frisbee, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Rugby, Diving, Running and even Pilates. It’s interesting that fitness nuts often are mental fitness nuts too, so their bookshelves are usually brimming with books!




master_the0021These are my personal favorite for the season! There is something about the human hand that is both beautiful and just a little eerie, in some way-out, I-don’t-understand-it sort of way. I love these.



Have a great set of bookends? know how to make a a great set?  Let us know, or send us pix. We’d love to see them and possibly, to share them.

And don’t forget — Great books make great gifts!  Visit our bookshop to browse, search and buy securely.


Currently reading:  Child 44 (soon to be reviewed here), Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize this year, the author’s debut novel, based on a true serial killer in Stalinist Russia.


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