Old Time Medieval Bookshop Trainee

binder1Ever wander into a bookshop, large or small, and dread asking for help from the people working there?  At some of the large chain bookstores, I’d rather let my coffee go cold instead of asking one of the “customer service” folks for help. If the computer can’t answer my question, they are usually at a loss to help me.

For a quick giggle or two, try this Finnish video of a medieval help desk  trainee trying to understand “the book”.  Hilarious!

Of course, from the other side of the desk, some customers in a bookshop can be a real pain in the butt too.  While you’re still laughing, try this video of a book shopper who would perplex  even the finest of shopkeepers. 

And finally, for an enjoyable bedtime read, try this Monty Python video with several well-spoken blokes tucking us in for the evening.


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