Rolland Comstock Murder Update

A few weeks ago I posted about the sad but intriguing murder case of noted book collector, Rolland Comstock. Charges still haven’t been made, but the police have tentatively said we might see charges and arrest in January or shortly thereafter. I’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available. 



2 Responses to Rolland Comstock Murder Update

  1. Ed says:

    Have the police charged anyone in this murder yet. How sad. I have a site called Murder Unsolved and I hope this story doesn’t end up there.

    • abandonedbooks says:

      Hi Ed,
      So far there’s recent news that Faith’s (the daughter) civil suit will be allowed to proceed against her mother for wrongful death of her father. It appears the police are being extraordinarily careful with the case before pressing charges. It sounds like there is good reason for their extreme caution. Hopefully, they’ll have enough evidence to charge and convict the guilty person(s) in the near future. Check back now and again. This case is of interest to me and I’ll continue to track it here.

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