Books are Sexy


Surprise! Being well-read is a desirable trait when dating, mating and just making friends.


In a poll of 1,500 people in Britain, nearly half of the men and nearly one-third of the women admitted to fibbing about what they had read.  Why did they lie?  In hopes of impressing other people, in most cases. 


Of the teenagers included in the poll, nearly 75% of them admit to fibbing — normally about reading song lyrics or a social networking site.


20% of all the people polled confessed to reading their “unread” book whilst waiting to meet a potential mate, in hopes of being more impressive.


Honor Wilson-Fletcher, director of the National Year of Reading campaign, said: “Reading is a brilliant tool for self-expression. I love the fact that every generation seems to know that it can help us all increase our potential appeal in the search for love and romance. For all the talk of our superficial obsession with beauty, it looks like underneath it all we know that brains contribute to sex appeal too.”


Just goes to prove what I’ve always believed true — It is possible to be both sexy and well-read. What blows my mind is that if someone only pretended to be well-read, another well-read person would be onto them within a short time. Wouldn’t they?


You can read more about the results of the poll here.






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