Another bookshop chair I want



Too cool to pass up! Great chairs always jump out at me, whether for my home or for that huge, eccentric bookshop that is in my future that has beautiful books, polished bookcases and weird gorgeous furnishings sporadically found throughout it.  This chair  from the 1960’s definitely fills the bill for beauty, eccentricity, weird and artsy. Probably wouldn’t spend too many hours lounging here with my book, but it gets kudos for the mind/eye connection that finds it so soothing. My brain would caress it every time I saw it. Beautiful and one-of-a-kind!

Where would you put this chair? In a business? A studio? Your house? Maybe a hand surgeon…or a podiatrist would have it in their waiting room. Definitely in my bookshop. I’d love to find a website with the most beautiful but weird things people possess.  And to read why they chose them or how they come to own them.


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